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I do mostly art but i'm willing on becoming an indie animator and a professional artist, I like cartoons, memes and other stuff.

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sum project introduction for this website.

Posted by spacewve - 1 month ago

Yeah I know this is mostly for updates but I just want to make a smol introduction to one of my big projects I have going around on my other social media.

So um, this project in special is something as a personal point of view on the world, how I personally see historical events, geographic anomalies and policy around the world, and my thoughts on how things as countries would be as... some existencial human being... Yes, you already know what's this, this is another one of those gijinkas!, And yes, I know Hetalia, Countryballs/Polandball and other versions exist, but some of their versions just aren't my cup of tea... so I decided to make my own since I already had some drawings of that before but, they weren't really humans... or humanoids, even, you'll hear the story later, but for now!

As to tell how it's going to be, it's going to be a liiittle bit different from other versions, some countries are going to be male and some are going to be female, the height is based off of size, weight is population, physical appearance and personality depends on how the people on those countries are and the country itself, obviously including ethnicity, race, religion... also, about age, well, they are countries so they have been alive for a very long time (some of them), and, they don't really age like normal people do, they DO age (and you'll see that in some countries), but they do VERY slowly, so you'll think there's like a limit for them or something, yes there is, but it's unknown, just to say.

And well, that's the introduction of this project, I hope you support the idea if you like it (if someone ever sees this lol) because I enjoy making little stories about them and the people who I shared some of my designs also seem to like it too! So here you go, they will be uploaded soon... but if you don't want to wait go to my DeviantArt or Instagram (links on my page), and check them out! See ya later, bye!


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